Committed to the Environment

A. Carlisle has been “green” since before being green was popular. For the past 25 years we have recycled over 300,000 pounds of waste paper annually, saving an estimated 75,000 trees. Our newest acquisition is a solvent reclamation system which has reduced our hazardous material disposal by 50%.

We have become the first sheetfed printer in Northern Nevada to be an “FSC® Certified” source to maintain the chain of custody requirements.

Get on Board

No matter what your stance is on today’s environmental issues, there is no question that a cleaner, greener planet is good for us all. Going Green is about working together to make a difference–with our company, our industry, and our communities–because together we really can make the world a better place.

Forest Stewardship Council

Talk to us about about what your goal with the piece is. We can use recycled paper or FSC® certified paper. Both are good for the environment but only one can have the FSC® logo on it. Talk to us about the weight, color, and finish for the paper you want and we will make recommendations. There are a myriad of paper choices in both recycled and FSC® categories. FSC® products available upon request.