When you have been in Northern Nevada for a century, you know a thing or two about the community.  Our doors opened in Reno in 1917.  Our roots run back to 1858 in San Francisco.  We know a thing or two about print.  Our trademark today remains as simple as our founder’s motto… Experience, Quality, Service.

Our experience is deep and our team brings a wealth of knowledge every day to each task for every project.  Whether small and seemingly simple, or large and complex, success depends on knowledge.  Experience matters.  Always choose the team able to map the right production path to deliver the very best ink on paper you can imagine.  And don’t forget to imagine all the bells and whistles because we can do that too. 

Quality is not just an afterthought at Carlisle.  Our expectations should always exceed yours.  Our desire to put our best behind everything we do is fundamentally why our customers keep coming back.  Go ahead… hedge your bets.  Choose the best. 

Service starts with accurate estimating.  As you define need, we define cost.  Trust that we will be competitive.  Our long history is your proof.  Good service is really good communication.  Service is much more than a delivery.   When you need “low cost” just let us know.  We will help refine your specifications to fit resources where possible.

Heidelberg is our choice in offset.  Pre press, plating and press formats in four configurations with press beds from 13” x 18 1/8” through 28” x 40” to suit most any print request using two color, four color and six color with and without coating towers matched to your specification for best efficiency satisfies most every print request. 

Xerox is our choice in digital.  Versant 3100 and 770 printers using four color process toner with a standard format of 13” x 19” which can be extended to 13” x 26” for certain projects.  Many digital projects can take advantage of offset coating so don’t forget to ask about enhancements and coating opportunities raising the standard on basic digital services.

AGFA is our choice in large format.  Our Anapurna (think robot!) delivers an 96 inch press bed, four color UV toner plus white to produce amazing results for one off projects where offset or standard digital are not a good fit.  It runs both sheet and roll fed stock limited only by your imagination and available materials.  It can manage a flat substrate thickness up to 1 7/8” so don’t hesitate to ask “can it be done” because it probably can!

We have specialized partners in the local community with their own tricks, tools and equipment which we support.  When we need to collaborate to achieve your goals we will manage that process with the best team in town for your best outcome. 

We offer a wide variety of products and services.

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